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If you are interested in applying, click on a New Applicants forum (either PvE or PvP) and fill out an application by copying the template into a new forum post.

Welcome to Amp's guild site.

Amp has been around for over a year, progressing through end game ICC all the way to Firelands. We are newly transferred here to Illidan from Drak'Tharon, and, after a few more additions, we will be ready to take on Dragon Soul.

We are an elite group of tight knit raiders, most of us raiding together for 2-3 years. If you think you have what it takes, head over to the forums and copy the template from "New Raider Applicants Click Me".

Current Raid Times:

Current Progression:

If you wish to raid with us:
  • Know your class. This means you need to come to a raid fully gemmed and enchanted with the correct spec. Know your abilities and how to use them. If you can't play your class you'll be benched for someone who can, simple as that.
  • Come prepared. The guild provides the flasks and feasts, but you are expected to have extras. Trials are expected to gem and enchant their own gear.
  • Know the encounters. Watch a video and read a guide, you are expected to know what your class can do to make each encounter run smoothly.

Here we run a free roll system for loot with a loot master. The gear is MS>OS, but you are expected to pass on loot if it better suits the raid's ability to progress, and if you cannot make that decision for yourself then it will be made for you. Loot whoring gets the guild nowhere and all of us here could care less if we have the best items first. Successful boss kills are more important than being the first with a specific piece of loot.

Rank Breakdown:
As a 10 man, the aim is to find 10 exceptional players, and as such we are all equals when it comes to loot. The exception to this will be Trial Raiders.
  • GM/Officer - Purely a cosmetic title with full guild bank access.
  • Core - You have made Amp your home. Attendance 90%+ lifetime, adaptive, creative, and all in all show that you can and will be here through thick and thin. Guild bank access to raiding tab is permitted.
  • Raider - This rank is the split between showing that you can show up for a few weeks and how you'll fair in the long run. You can now start using guild bank materials such as gems and enchants as needed. Contact an officer for anything you need from the guild bank.
  • Trial - For the first 2 weeks you are raiding with us, loot is limited to what raiders and above do not need. You will also have to provide your own materials for raiding.
  • PvP - A Member of the Rated Battleground team.
  • Casual - A casual rank for friends or anyone who chooses to stay for other reasons that are level 85.
  • Member - A casual rank for friends or anyone who chooses to stay for other reasons that are below level 85.
  • Alt - Self explanatory.
  • Rebecca Black - You don't want to be demoted to this rank.
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